Here we’ll outline the most popular outdoor dining options – if you’re after something more specific or custom made, contact us.

Static Boxes (No wheels)

Industria Cafe outdoor dining
Large 2m x 1m x .35m Static boxes at Industria Café

Unless you really need wheels – static boxes are the way to go, for a bunch of reasons. Boxes without wheels:

  • Are cheaper
  • Are longer lasting
  • Can be much larger and contain more soil
  • Look better

  • Can be fixed to the ground
  • Can be narrow and tall and won’t tip once secured
  • Can have legs that aren’t 100×100 posts
  • Safer

Wheeled Boxes

Wheeled boxes are the solution for footpath dining areas, temporary events, or other scenarios where your planter box barriers must be regularly moved.

Many wheel types are available for any design you require, at any weight – but can quickly become expensive for hardwood boxes or large soil volumes.

Custom sizes are available, but the standard Dimensions we mass produce are:

LengthWidthHeightMax soil depth
Soil depth calculated to be in safe range for 4x70kg wheels
Planter box paint options

Fencing and other barriers

Truffles Picket outdoor dining
Wheeled Post style planter boxes, with removable fence sections using custom pin and socket fittings

Anything is possible! We fabricate and weld custom metal fittings – so any kind of fancy, modular designs are possible.

Get rid of those sad crowd control and canvas style barriers!

Signage options

Vinyl Peel Spray

A large sheet of vinyl has your logo/info machine cut into it, and is adhered to the box. The logo is then sprayed in our booth, and the Vinyl peeled away.

  • Any Size is possible
  • No ugly stencil lines
  • Very fine resolution if oil paint is used
  • Starts at around $100 for 1mx700mm

Laser Cut Stencil

Unlike the Vinyl peel – laser cut stencils can be cut once and used to spray unlimited times. Best suited for simple graphics without fine detail.

  • Cut into long-lasting acrylic sheet
  • You can keep your cut stencil
  • Logo Size limited to 260mm x 560mm
  • Stencils cut for $50
  • $20 per spray

Aluminium Panel

ACM panels are the most expensive option, but unlike the Vinyl Peel and stencil options, they can display anything.

  • Can display any image, not just silhouettes and solid colours
  • Aluminium will not rust
  • Very long lasting
  • Panels are removable
  • High resolution

All prices listed are rough estimates. Logo complexity varies a lot!