Solid Sustainability is a branch of PracticalSustainability.Org – a philanthropic effort to provide resources and tutorials for individuals who are attempting to be more sustainable. Currently getting worldwide traffic, but it needs more content and further development.

Until now, PracticalSustainability.Org has operated on volunteered time and money – but projects currently in development are too ambitious to be undertaken without funding. That’s where Solid Sustainability comes in – instead of asking for donations, we’ve started making products!

About Us

practical sustainability aquaponics project
One of the projects currently in development.
Christopher Pickering building an aquaponic fish tank from recycled materials
Chris building an Aquaponic fish tank from recycled materials.

Hi, I’m Chris, owner of Solid Sustainability. I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years, including: carpenter, joiner, construction site manager, graphic designer, game developer, programmer, marketing manager, soundtrack producer, rich media director, 3D & 2D animator, voice actor, I.T tech,… etc.

But through it all – Sustainability is the thing that has been most satisfying. I can build you what you want, and hopefully fund some sustainability projects at the same time!

Lets chat.