planter box raised garden bed designs
Australian made

Welcome to Solid Sustainability! We provide Australians with affordable hand made timberwork to improve outdoor areas and increase growing capacity. We offer extensive recycled and reclaimed material options, and new products are being designed weekly.

Trade enquiries welcome, we want to work with you.

We are a new company, and if successful, 30% of all profit will go towards supporting open-source sustainability projects.

  • Planter boxes
  • Raised garden beds
  • Wheeled boxes
  • Balcony units
  • Timber housing for outdoor objects (such as pool pumps)

  • Wicking beds
  • Cafe barriers
  • Hydroponic and Aquaponic components
  • Outdoor furniture by request

Cheltenham showroom – Currently closed, lockdown – 5/8/2020

Planter Box showroom

Visit us at: Factory #33/94-102 Keys rd, Cheltenham.

Closed to the public – 5/8/2020

  1. Call or text 0450 011 275 so we can make sure someone is there when you plan to arrive. (Sometimes we are out doing deliveries.) You can also contact us through the new Facebook page.
  2. View our catalogues and in-stock products until you find designs you like.
  3. Pick a colour or finish from our demo lineup.
  4. Take your planter boxes home, or organise a good delivery time.
  5. We can also chat about custom built planter box designs, and send you a quote with a 7-10 day waiting period for delivery.
  6. Enjoy your new planters!
Demo models of some of the most popular colours
Demo models of some of the most popular colours are on-site.

We are not the cheapest. We focus on quality.

Many competing planter box designs are cheaper – but you get what you pay for. We include solid internal framing in all products.

If you are after rock-bottom prices, we can’t help you.

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Online store is down until we have everything back in stock, thanks covid! Contact us directly.

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  • Call or text 0450 011 275
  • Visit the Facebook page and start a chat
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